We know for a fact that your wisdom teeth present many questions in your mind regarding orthodontics and your treatment with braces. Adults and teenagers alike are worried about this because they don’t know when to start treatment. Even others are worried that their third molars will completely do away with any results they may have gotten initially.

We’re here to tell every one of our patients in Centennial, CO, that there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s review together a few tips on what to expect, how to act when your wisdom teeth decide to show up, and how they impact your orthodontic treatment in Centennial.

Can Wisdom Teeth Move Other Teeth?

The short answer is no. Even though your teeth naturally shift positions with age, the eruption of third molars will not cause tooth malalignment directly. This study, performed in Italy by several specialists, concludes that, even though you remove wisdom teeth at an early age, you cannot prevent crowding.

Genetics plays a more important role in determining your tooth alignment. Even though your wisdom teeth can cause several dental health complications, we cannot say that they cause tooth crowding.

We hope that helps calm your anxiety a bit when it comes to the effectiveness of your Centennial orthodontic treatment in relation to the appearance of wisdom teeth. Trust us; you shouldn’t fear any orthodontic complications arising from those molars. When they finally show up, your Centennial orthodontist will be fully prepared if you’ve been keeping up with your controls and frequent visits.

Should I Get Braces Before or After My Wisdom Teeth?

If at all possible, patients should start orthodontics as soon as possible, even if that means starting your treatment before their wisdom teeth erupt. Keep in mind that, as we discussed above, your wisdom teeth won’t cause any problems with your teeth’ alignment. Furthermore, when it comes to orthodontics, sooner means better.

True, there’s no age limit to orthodontics and older patients can still come to our office for an efficient adult treatment to correct their dental alignment, but you cannot deny the ease with which orthodontics achieves results during the patient’s teenage years.

Parents should bring their children to the orthodontist by age 7. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends so because the patient’s mixed dentition (meaning the presence of both primary and permanent teeth) and their ongoing dental development and skeletal growth make it an ideal time to move things around their mouth.

Your kid will have a much better time with braces in Centennial, clear aligners, or the appliance of their choice when they start as soon as possible, even if that means before their wisdom teeth come out.

Can an Orthodontist Remove Wisdom Teeth?

We’re not supposed to. All dental health professionals can perform tooth extractions, but the ideal scenario involves cooperation with a certified maxillofacial surgeon.

Just as we, as orthodontists, appreciate when professionals in other specialized fields of dentistry defer to us when it comes to dental alignment, so does Dr. Erin Sloss and her team trust the experts to help provide you with the highest-quality level of service possible.

Maxillofacial surgeons have extensive training in the required techniques to perform invasive surgical procedures on orofacial structures. Usually, when an orthodontist and an oral surgeon cooperate, the patient’s treatment will involve an initial stage with orthodontics in Centennial, a brief orthognathic surgery or other types of surgical interventions, and a final stage of orthodontics before the retention phase.

When it comes to wisdom teeth, your orthodontist in Centennial should consult with a qualified maxillofacial surgeon.

Can I Get Wisdom Teeth Removed While Having Braces?

Yes. As we mentioned, your Centennial orthodontist will coordinate with a qualified specialist and perform the required extractions without needing to interrupt your treatment. In most cases, patients who start their treatment at the earliest available opportunity will be long finished with braces or aligners by the time wisdom teeth extraction is even in the works.

For patients who still have their braces on, though, the extraction won’t be a problem. We won’t have to remove your braces or anything, though we do recommend you consult with your orthodontist (or us if you’re looking for Centennial orthodontic treatment) about what will work best in your case.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Your recovery can take up to a week. If you had any additional oral health problems as a result of your wisdom teeth eruption, or lack thereof, you might require longer to recover fully from the procedure.

You will have to be very careful about some oral hygiene habits to avoid the development of infections as the wound will take months to recover fully. You can expect some level of swelling, pain, and bleeding. Make sure you call your dentist if you notice anything too concerning or feel excessive and unbearable pain.

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