There is something every doctor has in common, and it is patients who need caring attention and comfortable solutions to their problems. Centennial Orthodontists and dentists face different issues than other doctors, but the emergencies of their patients are as urgent and important as any.

Sometimes orthodontists focus too much on providing great help during their patients’ physical visits and neglect the attention people may need at home when emergencies occur.

Not to be dramatic, but even though orthodontic emergencies may not be as urgent and delicate as the ones a cardiologist has to face, people with braces or orthodontic appliances can also encounter grave issues, and they will require support from their orthodontist.

That being said, your Centennial orthodontist should always be available for emergencies. Or have accessible channels for you to contact them and their team. Having guides on how to deal with certain common situations can be very helpful in this matter.

If you provide your patients with some scenarios of emergencies they can have during alignment treatment, maybe you could be saving them a call or the fear of not knowing what to do if they swallow a bracket or if they crack a tooth.

But this is something online articles are also great for. This is a platform to provide help and ideas 24/7, and your readers slash patients will thank you very much.

What Are Common Orthodontic Emergencies?

A big percentage of people have had to wear braces as part of their orthodontic treatment in Centennial. That explains why the number of people in emergencies like broken brackets o loose brackets is so high. A lost bracket or a broken bracket is one of the most common emergencies of all.

Lucky for you, that is a problem very easy to fix even from your home.

What to Do With a Broken Bracket?

Sometimes a piece from your braces set can fall detached from your tooth. This shouldn’t be a great deal to fix. If the bracket came out alone, you can just put it somewhere safe and bring it to your next physical appointment. Your orthodontist will repeat the process of cementing the bracket to the tooth. It is the same for ceramic brackets or lingual braces.

Broken Archwire

But what if the bracket came out because the metal archwire was also broken? This is also super common, and there is no need for you to worry or feel that you did something wrong.

But this can be one of the emergencies that causes the most discomfort. Very easy to fix at home with your own hands and has no specialized tools like a nail clipper. However, we know a broken wire can be painful.

If the wire is slightly pinching your gums or mouth, you can apply a little dot of dental wax (you can ask your orthodontist to give you some if they haven’t already) to cover the broken zone or the loose wire.

If the metal wire of your braces is poking your mouth and causing bleeding or little wounds, you can try to press the pointy end in a direction that won’t hurt. How? People things you can find at home like a pencil eraser.

You sterilize whatever you find that’s useful and press the wire with it until you feel comfortable with its position.

Orthodontic Emergencies You Can’t Fix at Home

There are some orthodontic emergencies you won’t be able to fix at home, and you should not try to do it anyways. Depending on the level of the emergency, you must call your doctor or head to the dental practice immediately. If you are in severe pain but not bleeding, maybe you can start with a counter pain reliever.


If anything is causing heavy bleeding from your gums or mouth in general, you have to call your family dentist or Orthodontist In Centennial and tell them the problem so they can explain what to do next.

If you took a hit and your Centennial braces hurt your lips, the bleeding will probably stop or slow down soon enough in a matter of a few minutes.

Wash the Area With Clear Warm Water

Washing the area can help you or the people with you to take a quick look and see the size of the cut. Our mouth has lots of blood traveling inside the lips, gums, and tongue, and it’s common to see lots of bleeding from a very small cut. If that is the case, the cut does not suppose any danger to you.


But if you cut yourself open, you will probably need stitches. If the bleeding doesn’t stop quickly or you’ve got a big wound, head to your dental office or the ER.

Cracked, Chipped, or Lost Tooth

Having an accident while playing sports or maybe riding a bike are day-to-day things you cannot control that can cause orthodontic emergencies. And tooth pain is hard; we know it.

Emergency Visit to Your Orthodontist’s Practice

When a tooth falls out due to a strong hit, it can sometimes be put back in place by a dental expert. But you have to be at your orthodontist’s office within an hour of the accident.

If the tooth is still in its place, but you cracked or chipped it, your orthodontist will probably apply an implant to make it look normal.

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The best counsel for any Centennial orthodontic emergency is to have an orthodontist that you can trust and is based near you in Centennial. Set an appointment and get to meet our doctors.