As a parent, it is really important to help our kids become the better version of themselves. Let’s think of their little smiles as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a masterpiece. Well, what better artist than a skilled orthodontist? They are ready to work on the potential of your kid’s teeth and jaws.

In order to improve their smile, dental professionals often use an approach known as two-phase orthodontics. This method aims to address developmental issues early, leading to better aesthetics, better oral health, and reduced treatment complexity in the future.

Two-phase orthodontics has several benefits for children’s oral health since it helps identify dental issues, such as overcrowding and misaligned bites, while the kid is still in their development phase. Addressing these problems early can reduce the need for extensive orthodontic treatments in the future.

To start investing in the future smile of your kid, you just need to consider the benefits of early orthodontics. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with a good orthodontist who is going to provide guidance for the specific situation of your child.

Is Invisalign Good for Kids?

Yes, this is a great option for kids who need to address dental problems. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth and fixes bite issues using clear and removable aligners. This option is attractive for kids since it does not involve metal wires and brackets.

Here’s a list of the treatment options for children:

1. Traditional Braces:

We all know traditional braces, right? They represent an effective method to move teeth into their proper places. This treatment uses metal brackets, wires, and elastic bands.

2. Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are similar to conventional metal braces, except they use tooth-colored brackets and wires. This is a less noticeable treatment option.

3. Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are a great option, but they can be a little more expensive. The orthodontist places the braces on the back side of the teeth, making them invisible from the front.

4. Invisalign:

Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners to achieve a straighter smile. In addition, they are removable, allowing your children to take out their trays to eat and clean their teeth.

Invisalign First:

Invisalign offers a new feature for younger patients that will help parents and orthodontists keep track of their use and progression of treatment. Yes, we are talking about Invisalign First. Basically, they use indicators in the plastic trays that change colors when the child is using their appliances properly.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for your kid, consult with an orthodontist to decide the best treatment for their unique case. It is important to understand that not all patients can benefit from Invisalign. There are more complex situations that need to wear traditional braces to fix their dental problems.

Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign is a dental treatment that can adapt to the lifestyle of many teenagers. In addition, clear aligners allow them to enjoy a more discreet and convenient orthodontic experience. If you are considering Invisalign treatment for teenagers, here are some important things to keep in mind:

1. Treatment planning:

Before beginning the process, orthodontists need to examine the dental situation of the patient thoroughly. This might include X-rays and digital impressions to create a model of the teeth. Orthodontists will use that model to create a customized plan for your teenager.

2. Duration of Treatment:

The duration of treatment depends on the specific case and the complexity of the dental issues. So, you and your teen need to be patient. But don’t worry! Soon enough, they will be enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile.

3. Follow-up Appointments:

Regular appointments and adjustments are necessary for the process to succeed. As a consequence, you and your teen will visit the orthodontist’s office a few times!

Benefits of Invisalign for Kids and Teenagers

Invisalign offers a comfortable, flexible, and almost invisible treatment option for patients of all ages. Here’s a list of the benefits of Invisalign for kids and teens:

1. Comfortable Material:

Clear aligners use a smooth and transparent plastic that fits comfortably in your mouth, avoiding the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces that can produce irritation.

2. Discreet Option:

If you want to align your teeth and address your dental issues without anyone noticing, then Invisalign is a great option for you! They are basically invisible.

3. Easy Cleaning:

Another benefit of clear aligners is that they are removable. This feature simplifies cleaning routines, allowing you to take them out to brush and floss your teeth.

4. Fewer Dietary Restrictions:

Say goodbye to all the dietary restrictions that came with traditional braces. With clear aligners, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods without worrying about damaging your appliances. But remember to remove your aligners before eating.

Challenges of Invisalign

After reading about all of these benefits, we are sure that Invisalign treatment is a fantastic option. However, it is important for kids and teens to understand that clear aligners come with a huge responsibility.

As we explained before, clear aligners are removable. While this feature can be a great advantage for adults, it can also represent a big challenge for kids and teenagers. Compliance is everything in these kinds of treatments, which means that you need to stick to the plan that your orthodontist designed for you.

Here’s a list of the challenges that children and teens can face while undergoing Invisalign treatment:

1. Compliance:

Kids and teens need to understand the importance of wearing their aligners 20 to 22 hours per day. At first, they might feel a little discomfort or even forget to wear them, but with time, they will create the habit of wearing them.

2. Progress Monitoring:

Orthodontists need to keep track of the progress so they can give you the next set of aligners. This is the only way you can achieve your desired outcome. So, don’t forget to attend your scheduled appointments!

3. Potential Loss or Damage to the Appliances:

Sometimes, easy to remove means easy to lose. Of course, accidents can happen, and young patients can lose their appliances. Also, clear aligners can be damaged if they are not treated properly. In any case, losing or damaging the appliances means interrupting the treatment.

We are sure that your kids and teens can overcome these challenges and achieve the smile of their dreams. They just need to put a little bit of effort and dedication into creating new routines and understanding the benefits of following their orthodontist’s recommendations.

Two-Phase Orthodontics

Taking your kids to the orthodontist’s office from a young age may have several benefits. For instance, early identification can help them prevent severe problems in the future and potentially reduce the need for extensive orthodontic treatment. You may know this method as early orthodontics, and it usually happens in two stages. Let’s explore this further:

Phase One

We can think of the first phase as the foundation for your child’s future smile. This begins when your kid has a combination of baby teeth and permanent teeth. The orthodontist will evaluate their dental situation, and then they will guide the growth of the jaw and make space for incoming teeth.

For this evaluation, they can use X-rays and take pictures of the jaw to have a better understanding of the child’s dental situation. If they notice that there is not enough space for the teeth or that the jaws are misaligned, then they might use devices to help their mouth develop correctly.

Phase Two

The second phase happens once all the adult teeth are in. Now, it’s time for the orthodontist to work with the details. This stage of the procedure focuses on aligning teeth precisely and refining their positions to create the beautiful smile that your child deserves. To move the teeth into their correct space, orthodontists can use braces or clear aligners like Invisalign. They will make sure that everything is in order, your teeth are in the right place, and your bite is aligned.

Two-phase orthodontics represents a great method to address all kinds of dental issues; however, not everyone needs this treatment. If you have doubts, we recommend that you make an appointment with a trusted orthodontist, who will determine whether your child needs two-phase treatment or not.

Your Orthodontic Journey Is Just Beginning!

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your kid’s future smile. And we are sure that they will be really grateful that you help them start their dental journey. So, don’t hesitate and schedule an appointment with an experienced orthodontist. They will create a personalized treatment plan for your little one, addressing their specific needs.

The team of Sloss and Carpenter Orthodontics is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles in a comfortable and fun environment. Whether you are thinking of traditional braces or clear aligners, they are ready to help you make a smart decision about the oral health of children and teens. Don’t wait any longer; schedule your orthodontic appointment today!